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GeoBI and Data Visualization

GeoBI or Geospatial Business Intelligence

GeoBI and Data Visualization

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GeoBI or Geospatial Business Intelligence is the integration of location intelligence with corporate information systems to increase business performance through better data-driven decisions. GeoBI can either be autonomous geospatial dashboards, known as map-centric, or integrated as part of an existing BI solution, known as map-enabled. Adding the geospatial dimension to the management of your corporate data provides better insight on the performance of a specific area with location context and allows for a more granular analysis.

When you add geospatial context to key performance indicators, your analysis can take into account every single geographical characteristics of a market. Furthermore, integrating these tools allows for new capabilities, such as bi-directional drilling between the reports and the map, as well as spatial filtering of a report using geospatial functionalities.

Over the years, Korem has developed in-depth knowledge of GeoBI. We can help plan the integration and make sure it is optimized for your context while leveraging the existing infrastructure and tools. Since organizations may have hundreds of users and may have already invested significantly to implement such tools, in most cases, the logical approach, in most cases, is to geo-enable an existing BI tool to deploy geospatial capabilities across the entire organization.


Some of the key benefits of deploying GeoBI solutions are:

Most efficient way to geo-enable an organization by reaching the most users; Improve the organization’s business analysis capabilities by utilizing the high value of under used location elements of BI systems; Leverage the business data warehouses without having to replicate business data in disparate systems.

Korem’s expertise in GeoBI and data visualization enables us to provide strategic advisory aligned with your business needs and challenges, to ensure the maximum return on your investment while maintaining sustainable growth.

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