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Data enrichment

Data blending

Data management

In today’s world there are so many different systems handling day-to-day operations, that getting a single uniformed view of the situation (claims, policies, external factors, etc.) is a real challenge for companies of all industries.

Organizations are flooded with data from many systems, sensors and automated sources (Internet of Things), or social media. These new high velocity data sources are overwhelming organizations and are often ignored or barely leveraged to improve business decisions.

A multitude of new data management paradigms and applications have appeared in the past few years and implementing the right solution for your specific needs can be a daunting task. Korem has extensive experience in dealing with these new data concepts and can help you identify the right approach, from preparing and structuring the data to advanced analytics and how to operationalize the insights derived from it.

Data blending

One of the key steps in data management is data blending. It allows data analysts to access and combine data from multiple disparate sources such as Big Data, the cloud, social media, third-party data providers, or in-house databases. The resulting data can then be enriched and analyzed using advanced modeling techniques.


For organizations leveraging these new data management solutions there are multiple benefits, for example:

  • Provide business users with self-service analytics for faster time to insight;
  • Reduce the financial and resource burden on IT and Finance;
  • Derive valuable business information from untapped data sources such as IoT;
  • Empower the organization with powerful visual analytics.

Korem’s expertise in data management enables us to provide strategic advisory aligned with your business needs. We will help you choose the right solution from the following partners:

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