MapInfo Discover

Powerful geospatial capabilities designed for the natural resources industry.

MapInfo Discover

Powerful geospatial capabilities designed for the natural resources industry.

MapInfo Discover is the comprehensive and essential package for the compilation, mapping and analysis of spatial geosciences data, whether you are conducting mineral exploration, hydrological analysis or environmental assessments.


  • Seamless integration of geochemical, geological, environmental, geophysical, drilling and cartographic datasets into a single GIS environment
  • Extensive analytical capabilities for temporal, geostatistical, graphical and spatial trend identification and data normalisation
  • Create, annotate and analyse detailed drillhole cross-sections, long-sections and plans.
  • Powerful 3D visualisation, modelling and analysis
  • Cutting-edge raster grid interpolation and manipulation capabilities, including support for multi-band and multi-resolution grids
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Associated products

MapInfo Discover 3D is designed to work seamlessly with MapInfo Discover, allowing you to rapidly visualize, model and analyze your drillhole and related datasets in 3D, and then dynamically plan follow-up drilling to test your theories. It enables data to be viewed interactively with zooming, panning and fly-through capability. If you know how to create a map, a drillhole project and sections in MapInfo Discover, this is all you need to operate MapInfo Discover 3D.

Discover Mobile is a portable version of Discover for MapInfo Professional. It is a powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping application designed specifically to run on mobile Pocket PC (Pocket Personal Computer or PPC) devices, and is compatible with selected Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems. It provides inbuilt support that enables you to perform data capture operations, sample logging, mapping and in-field navigation with real-time GPS information using virtually any connected GPS device.

Featuring a modern new ribbon interface, it also delivers all of the exciting capabilities of MapInfo Pro 64-bit, including fast and dynamic map creation, as well as extensive new interface and window management controls.

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