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Datamine Discover 3D seamlessly extends the MapInfo Pro GIS into 3D. Visualising your data in 3D is easy, whether draping aerial photography over a terrain surface, assessing drillholes or viewing geochemical datasets. Datamine Discover 3D is also projection-savvy, with on-the-fly dataset reprojection ensuring a comparable experience to MapInfo Pro.

Gain a fresh perspective on your data, identifying and analysing subtle trends in 3D simply not apparent in the 2D environment. Powerful modelling capabilities, from solid wireframing and extrusions through to block/voxel model interpolation. Intuitively navigate the 3D environment with our new onscreen controls, or plug in a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator controller for instinctive ‘flythrough’ navigation.


  • Powerful 3D visualisation, modelling and analysis
  • Realise the potential of true 3D drillhole and trench traces, without the inherent bias of cross-sectional representations
  • Quickly render drillholes and trenches with the same lithology and assay legends
  • Dynamically design and refine drillholes to test specific targets and models at depth, such as geophysical and block model anomalies, or potential extensions to mineralisation.

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