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BuildingFootprintUSA is leading innovation in the location intelligence building footprint product category. They continuously expand and improve their database of nationwide addressed buildings, and provide the ability to link buildings with other key information - physical characteristics, real property data, demographic data, list data and more. The BuildingFootprintUSATM data model allows you to use buildings - where people shop, play, work and live - as the anchor for any business problem requiring locating, analyzing and visualizing critical information.

High accuracy

Companies across industries - Telecommunications, Insurance, Location Based Marketing, Real Estate and other industries with location challenges - understand that high accuracy data leads to high accuracy business decisions.  Building footprint data provides the high accuracy for designing 5G networks, underwriting insurance based on proximity to peril, and connecting the movement of people and devices to marketing decisions. 

Better business decision

BuildingFootprintUSATM data for the USA and Canada offers building addressing including primary and secondary address information, census coding, height, and elevation. Building footprint data can link to other key decision making attributes. Connect buildings with business list, demographics, assessor data, segmentation and lifestyle data, and more. All of these additional attributes provide highly accurate answers to questions - what is in the building? what are the characteristics of the building? what is the potential of the building? Choosing BuildingFootprintUSA data provides you with the next generation of data to support business decision making.


High accuracy can mean locating addresses to rooftop accuracy, spatially analyzing a high definition building footprint versus an imprecise point or parcel and visualizing a building in a 3d model or thematic map.

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