Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Quickly gain location-based insights and easily communicate with your audience.

Quickly gain location-based insights and easily communicate with your audience.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst combines the power and versatility of our enterprise Location Intelligence platform, Spectrum Spatial, with unmatched accessibility, scalability, reliability, performance and cost savings to deliver web mapping, mobile mapping, querying, and analytical capabilities. With Spectrum Spatial Analyst you can harness current, accurate and comprehensive Location Intelligence data across your organization for better decision making.

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  • Rapidly share insights. Generate business insights through an easy-to-use web GIS application. Designed for occasional users or non-GIS experts
  • Reduce the burden on your GIS staff. Put the power back in the hands of your business analysts with critical GIS and spatial data information and spatial analysis capabilities
  • Scale to support your organization in a flexible, efficient manner. Deploy powerful spatial capabilities at a lower cost and at a lower-risk. Extend the power of Location
  • Intelligence, data, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and expertise of your GIS and mapping professionals across your organization
  • Works with all current desktop browsers and popular mobile touch devices including iOS, Android and Windows.
  • JavaScript APIs offer straightforward customization and seamless integration with existing applications (if required).

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