Spectrum Enterprise geocoding Module

Powerful address geocoding for the USA, Canada and International geocoding

Spectrum Enterprise geocoding Module


Precise location intelligence

The Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module uses street addresses and postal codes, as well as intersection, road segment, named place to ensure that you get the most accurate data location possible, quickly and easily.

With the address geocoding software, you can:

Access data for locations in the United States, Canada and International Geocode locations and correct erroneous addresses with parcel level precision Obtain geo-coordinates from point and parcel level right down to street interpolation and postal centroid level

Reliable national and international data sources

Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module uses a wide range of up-to-date, reliable data from major sources including HERE, Tom Tom, TIGER, and Centrus Points. It combines this information into a single data set, using a process called conflation. This process has significant advantages, resulting in more matches and fewer false positives.

The software also enables you to distinguish street address matches from postal code or geographic centroid matches just by looking at the result code.

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