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Is the Building IN or OUT
of a Flood Zone?

Get the highest accuracy and confidence for your insurance
risk-related decision making.

Is the Building IN or OUT of a Flood Zone?

Interpolated street address or parcel level geocoding is often used in identifying a house or building location. However, you can't precisely rely on their location.

In partnership with Building Footprint USA, Korem provides rooftop level geocoding data. You can use a rooftop accurate point or the building polygon to determine levels of flood risk.

Develop nuanced rules that make it easy to understand the relationship between an address, a building, and any type of zone or area that represents your risk.

Why Building Footprint Data Is The Solution

Locate with Rooftop Accuracy

Locate with Rooftop Accuracy

Compare addressed building footprint data against the flood zone

Compare addressed building footprint data against the flood zone

Create risk tolerance and underwriting rules with accurate location

Create risk tolerance and underwriting rules with accurate location

Increased accuracy in quoting and pricing risk (ROI)

Increased accuracy in quoting and pricing risk (ROI)

Gain more insights into a property's location

Most natural disasters over the past 10 years involved catastrophic flooding. Your business is to mitigate this loss by helping consumers and businesses be proactive.


Building Footprint data allows underwriters to screen risk more accurately.

  • Increased accuracy in quoting and pricing risk
  • Enforceable underwriting guidelines leading to a decrease in claims
  • Reduction in underwriting leakage
  • Highly realistic catastrophe modeling results

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