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On June 7th was held the gala celebrating the 25th anniversary of Korem.

For the occasion, the founding president, Sébastien Vachon, wanted all Korem Machines and their spouses to come together for a prestigious gala evening at the Chapelle du Musée de l’Amérique francophone. The celebration was a tribute to the team’s contribution to Korem’s success and marked this important milestone in the company’s history.

Mr. Vachon highlighted the exceptional work of his team and each of the builders: Korem employees of over 10 years. During the evening, the recipients of the Korem Awards, prizes awarded annually to those who have distinguished themselves in more than a dozen categories, were also announced.

My greatest talent is knowing how to surround myself with the best people! For 25 years, thanks to my team, the solutions we offer on the market fulfill the current business challenges of each of our customers and allows me to stay focused and maintain a healthy growth. Our success is based on the synergy of our Korem Machines, it’s not a one-man show. Tonight, our employees are honored, and it is important for me to thank them for their extraordinary contribution. – Sébastien Vachon

This evening of recognition, strong in emotions, will certainly be engraved in the memory of all Korem Machines.


gala 25e Korem Machine

gala 25e Korem Machine

gala 25e Korem Machine

gala 25e Korem Machine

Korem, a Quebec company that recommends, sells and integrates the best software and data of the geospatial industry, confirms its vision for the next ten years by unveiling its new positioning.

“THE GEOSPATIAL EXPERT SHOP”: a team of experts who, supported by its partners and an impressive product portfolio, offers the best solutions to fulfill the specific needs of its customers.

“For our 25th anniversary, I wanted to put my team of experts forward as it’s the foundation of the reputation and success of the organization. Our people are our greatest asset and their exceptional work have allowed us to establish an enviable credibility and trust with some of the largest Canadian and American companies,” said Sebastien Vachon, founding President of Korem.

“THE GEOSPATIAL EXPERT SHOP” consolidates the position and vision of a mature and growing organization. Korem distinguishes itself by the uniqueness of its offer: a solid team of experts, the agility of a SWAT team, an exceptional customer experience and this, in a start-up spirit.

This new positioning represents the Korem team, its partners and its customers. It will allow us not only to continue to grow and to invest in the development of our employees and business community, but also to expand our footprint throughout North America.

About Korem

Korem is a leading seller and integrator of geospatial technologies and data that has been contributing to its client’s success for the past 25 years by optimizing their decision-making and strategic processes. Our goal is to provide and recommend the best available products in the industry to our customers through our team of experts by leveraging our strategic alliances.

The end of every year is always a good time to reflect on your achievements and make your resolutions for the upcoming year.

With that in mind, we asked our President and CEO, Sébastien Vachon, to share some personal advice from his 25+ years of experience to help future entrepreneurs in their start-up process:

  1. Take care of your health and the people you love: one day, this save you.
  2. Always verify your project and make sure it meets a real need.
  3. Cash is king! Think about it before diluting your company’s shares. Understanding finance is also a must!
  4. Your employees and customers come first. Take time to celebrate your successes with your people.
  5. Focus on sales and maintain a healthy funnel and forecast.
  6. Never lower your guard. You will be more likely to survive.
  7. Innovate like a surfer: ON the wave and not IN FRONT OF the wave.
  8. Stick to your plan. Apply my simple 3 “F” rules: focus, focus, focus.
  9. Be ambitious but don’t be stubborn. Find a mentor to guide you.
  10. Trust yourself, but never dare to believe that you’re the best. Set up an advisory committee.
  11. Learn to pull the plug quickly. Don’t hang on to a bad idea.
  12. Invest in your community; be generous! Give out more than just business cards.
  13. If your profits are just a combination of grants and tax credits, you are not in business.
  14. Look to the future and ask yourself if your company is the right vehicle for achieving your goals. If not, change it.
  15. When you don’t feel like going forward and you’re lonely, go back to number 1. Don’t give up, you can do this!

With these wise words, we wish you success and prosperity in 2019!

Korem, from then to now

To celebrate Korem’s 25th anniversary, Mr. Sebastien Vachon, the CEO and Founder, shared the milestones that marked the evolution of the company since it was founded. He also revealed his passion for entrepreneurship and his vision for the company’s future.

The early days

How did you come up with the idea of creating Korem 25 years ago?

During my final year in Geography at Laval University, my friend Luc Vaillancourt and I decided to start our own company. We believed in ourselves from the very beginning. Luc provided his car and we used my bedroom as an office. I even moved my bed into the laundry room. We were very ambitious and proud of what we were doing. That was in December 1993.

The combination of Luc’s extensive knowledge of Geographic Information Systems and his go-getter personality kickstarted this incredible journey. A year later, Antonio Silva, another friend from University, joined us on the adventure. Together, we were visionary and made up a strong team.

At the same time, my entrepreneurial spirit came into play and I discovered a passion for business that would change my life forever.

Which event influenced the most Korem’s trajectory?

There have been many transformative events over the past 25 years that involved shareholders, management, partners, markets and technologies, but the event that had the greatest impact on our current success was a decision that we made in 2010. We were frustrated by the complexity involved in securing private sector mandates so we decided to invest in the development of large private organizations through the acquisition of a company in Denver, Colorado. Now over 60% of our revenue comes from the US and almost all of this revenue is from Fortune 500 companies.

Why are you still managing your company?

Over the years, I developed a true passion for entrepreneurship, business development and nurturing talent. We create value and employment, have developed our brand and now offer a unique range of services across North America.

Naturally, over the course of 25 years, there were times when I seriously considered putting up a “For Sale” sign. However, I always asked myself, “What would I do instead of this?” I would have lost the best path to personal development and fulfilment. When you have the qualities of an entrepreneur, you must put them to work!

Since your company was created, which accomplishment are you most proud of?

We have worked hard to build Korem’s reputation in the industry over the past 25 years. I am very proud of the corporate citizen that our company has become.



Where does Korem stand now?

We are in a unique and privileged position now. We have the energy and drive of a startup, but we also have the benefit of maturity that we worked hard to acquire over the past 25 years! Nowadays, data is the lifeblood of almost every sector of activity. Some even say that data is more precious than gas now. Korem’s current position allows us to take advantage of this opportunity.

At Korem, you believe that leveraging your employees’ talent is vital. What exactly does this involve?

It’s quite simple. Without the skill of my team, I would not have services and expertise to offer or a successful business. I simply wouldn’t have a company. Offering my employees a working environment where they know that their skill contributes directly to the success of the company is a priority.

Are you still involved in the day-to-day management of the company?

Yes, but on another level and with a different kind of energy. I worked hard over the past few years to ensure that I am not a slave to my company. This is for my own good and in order to ensure its future. In order to do this, I had to learn to delegate, listen to others and make room for new ideas. The first step was to surround myself with a team who share both my vision and my values. A group that has the energy to take the company further over the next decade. I have absolute faith in them. My leadership has taken another form now, but it is still important. That said, I’m never very far away because I am committed to my company and I protect it fiercely!



What is your vision for the next few years?

I am confident that Korem will achieve its objective over the next few years: to become the largest vendor and integrator of geospatial solutions to the telecommunications, insurance and retail sectors across North America. Our headquarters will remain in Quebec and we will continue to create quality jobs and spread our know-how and innovative spirit internationally. I’m committed to making this happen!

Après 25 ans à la tête de son entreprise, Sébastien a le regard tourné vers l’avenir. Il s’annonce des plus prometteurs.
Photo credit: Le Soleil


Congratulations and thanks for 25 years in business, Sebastien!

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The New Google Maps Platform Guide

Following the recent launch of the new Google Maps platform, as well as a new pricing structure of the Google Maps API to deliver customized Maps, Routes and Places, Korem experts want to help with a fast run-through of the major changes and what they may mean for you and your organization.

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