Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, enable you to accurately visualize, query, and analyze geographical data. GIS forms the basis for Location Intelligence solutions where the ability to work with spatial data can be combined with business data sources to identify patterns and trends.

GIS is more than visually displaying information on a map. It is an awareness of relationships between location information and business operations, which delivers the capacity to predict how it impacts a business. Finally, it provides the capability to identify and therefore react to how location influences an organization by changing business processes in order to minimize risk and maximize opportunities.

Most organizations market by geography or manage services, risks, and assets by geography. Hence, they can all benefit from GIS and mapping. Korem can help your organization optimize the value derived from these tools, data sets and methods through its strategic consulting group. Our team is driven by innovation and creativity which allows us to solve our customers’ problems and achieve the expected results.


Geomarketing is a specialization of GIS. It is primarily aimed at leveraging geographic information to understand your customers’ profiles and find new opportunities. Leveraging commercially available external data sources such as socio-demographic, segmentation, and consumer expenditures databases, geomarketing will help improve your return on your marketing initiatives by targeting your best customers.


It is easy to understand that using GIS applications and data as part of your regular business operations will yield significant benefits:

  • Since the human brain processes visual patterns a lot quicker than tabular data, decision making will be much faster;
  • Reduce your marketing costs by targeting the right customers;
  • Better integration of omni-channel sales and marketing;
  • Plan your investments more efficiently by targeting areas where the opportunity is the greatest.

Korem’s GIS expertise is almost 25 years in the making. We have been at the forefront of this industry and have aligned ourselves with market leaders to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions:

DMTI Spatial