Data Quality and Address Normalization

Data is the cornerstone of any information system, including geospatial solutions. According to analysts, the amount of data in organizations doubles every year or so. In order to make comprehensive business decisions, it is paramount that the underlying data is complete, consistent, accurate, up to date and valid. This is what data quality is all about.

The first step to leverage your corporate data with geospatial solutions, such as Geomarketing, GeoBI, and Advanced Analytics, is to geo-enable this data through a geocoding process. Your data quality is critical as the use of low quality data is not only inefficient, but will produce unreliable results which can be very costly for your organization, both in time and money.

In today’s business environment, accurate information strengthens business decisions and ensures smooth running processes. Korem can help you to improve and maintain the quality of your corporate data.


Address normalization is an essential part of data quality. It is a key step to integrate enterprise data inside geospatial applications. An address normalization solution validates and standardizes every address according to national certifications, such as CASS in USA and SERP in Canada, in order to increase and ensure the quality of your source data. The resulting output will yield more accurate geocoding results.

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  • 1200 W Lawrence
  • 830 S MacArthr
    Springfield, IL
  • 1015 W Governor St
    Springfield, IL
  • Address Normalization
  • 1200 W Lawrence Ave
    Springfield, IL 62704
  • 830 S MacArthur Blvd
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    Springfield, IL 62704


Investing in solutions to improve data quality will yield significant benefits to your organization, such as:

  • Simplify the integration of disparate systems to obtain a 360° view of your customers;
  • Increase operational efficiency by spending less time fixing data issues;
  • Keep customer databases accurate and have your back-office applications run smoothly;
  • Addresses are checked instantly upon entry. You don’t have to clean your database after the fact;
  • Save on mailing/shipping costs due to incorrect addresses. Deliveries and letters get to the right destination the first time.

Korem’s expertise in data quality and address normalization enables us to provide strategic guidance aligned with your business needs. We will help you choose the right solutions from these following partners:

DMTI Spatial