CARTO leads the world of location intelligence, empowering any organization and individual to discover and predict key insights through location data and then makes it available to their organization or the general public in the form of location intelligence apps. The apps, built by developers or data analyst using CARTO’s self-service platform, help optimize processes, predict situations, and overall improve performance by leveraging location data.

CARTO’s platform makes location an accessible and active dimension of analysis, allowing anyone to effortlessly connect location data to gain insights. The unique power of CARTO is that data can now be explored with location context, empowering everyone with faster time-to-insight and accurate predictability.


A web-based drag and drop analysis tool for analysts and business users to discover and predict key insights from location data, CARTO Builder unleashes the power of location intelligence with self-service, actionable dashboards you can share across your whole organization.


A one-stop shop of geospatial tools, services, and APIs for the development of easy-to-use location apps, CARTO Engine empowers your organization with scalable analysis and enrichment solutions you can fully embed on your web and mobile apps.

CARTO Engine is a powerful stack of geospatial tools comprised of:

  • APIs
  • SDKs
  • Data Observatory
  • Location Data Services