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Your trusted reseller and integrator of software and geospatial data. From off-the-shelf products to strategic solutions.

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Why Korem?

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Korem is a leading reseller and integrator of geospatial technologies and data that has been contributing to its client’s success for the past 22 years by optimizing their decision-making and strategic processes. Our goal is to provide and recommend the best available products in the industry to our customers through our team of experts and strategic alliances.

Software commercialization

Through its extensive network of strategic partners, Korem offers a large range of software solutions to answer all geospatial needs.

Data commercialization

Korem offers a wide range of data from different partners that enables us to recommend the most appropriate provider based on our customers’ needs.

Address validation

Standardise and verify the validity of a postal address.


Enrich your analysis by having the accurate location of an address.

Speciality data

Leverage external data sources to contextualise and enrich your business data.


Understand your customers’ profiles and find new opportunities.

Operational solutions

Deploy geospatial technologies in your business processes.


Integrate geospatial inside of a BI Tool or as a standalone dashboard.

Strategic advisory

Our experts perform assessment projects for our customers, from creating business plans to detailed architectures, in the development of critical operations business systems.

Applications development

Korem is proud of our customer’s trust in our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget while achieving the objectives defined.

Data integration

Our expertise in integration enables us to perform geocoding, data enrichment, advanced analytics and modeling projects.


Korem offers hosting infrastructure for geospatial solutions tailored to our customers’ needs ensuring high availability and scalability.

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At Korem, we understand that the value of a company cannot be based solely on technology. We have built our organization around the idea of people helping people to achieve their business objectives. Our employees and customers are our greatest asset and the foundation of our success.

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